Twenties 2.0

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Twenties 2.0 is a social group for anyone in their 20s

We would love to have you join! See the upcoming events below, or contact for more information.

Upcoming Twenties 2.0 Events:

Wednesday, November 14
Volunteer at 7:00 pm and/or Meet & Greet at 8:15 pm


Join the Twenties 2.0 group as they volunteer as a group during the Serve Together from 7:00 - 8:15 pm. Sign-up for the Serve Together.

If you volunteer or not, everyone is invited to attend the meet and greet at 8:15 pm in the SOTV Community Room! Meet other people in their 20s, enjoy treats, and talk about future events.

Want to join? Anyone in their 20s is welcome!

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