9th Grade: Faith Basics Teaching

Questions from Faith Basics Teaching this year in Confirmation

Watch videos below to help answer each corresponding question.

1. Our year's theme Verse is 1 John 4:19 "We love because God first loved us." What does this Bible verse mean to you?

2. What to you is the most important thing to know about Jesus? (Circle one & describe why)

His Birth * His Miracles * His Teachings * His Death on a Cross * His Resurrection * His Legacy

3. In what ways is the Bible the "Living Word" of God which is relevant to our lives today?

4. How do you understand the Lutheran idea that each of us is both a "sinner" and a "saint" at the same time?

5. What does it mean when we say the church is the "body of Christ"?

6. Describe your understanding of God's purpose for your life.