Advent Devotions 2017

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December 6, 2017

Posted: December 06, 2017

A Devotion for Your Day

by Lisa Hegerman

Luke 1:16-17
He (John) will turn many of the people of Israel to the Lord their God. With the spirit and power of Elijah he will go before him, to turn the hearts of parents to their children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous, to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.

We All Have A Purpose

John's purpose on earth was "to turn many of the people of Israel to the Lord their God." Just like John, God creates each and every one of us with a purpose in mind. Do you ever ask yourself, "Why am I here? What is my purpose?"

Over the years I have learned that everyone has a gift and something to offer. As a parent of a child with a disability, this lesson has been shown to me repeatedly. My 19 year old son Andy, a handful at times, has the gift of making people smile and feel loved. Sometimes he is so full of love he seems he might burst. When I pick him up from school, having not seen me for two hours, he jumps in the car saying, "Mommy, I love you so much. I missed you." From the passenger seat of the car, he takes my hand and puts it to his chest saying, "You are in my heart." Then he turns his teeny-bopper music on full blast and sings to me in his adorable but monotone voice. Even if I've had a stressful day, I immediately smile and my heart is filled with love for my sweet son. I believe loving one another is God's biggest plan for us. I'm so proud that my son uses his gift!

I'm sure most of us question what our true purpose is here on earth. We can't all have jobs as firefighters, heart surgeons or work in "helping" careers. But never underestimate the power in what we do each and every day, whatever our place of employment. When we get to heaven it will be amazing to see how we have impacted the lives of others in ways we weren't even aware. I recently heard from a middle school classmate who told me that I saved his life. I wasn't very close to this person in school so I was confused and shaken. "How did I do that?" I asked. He told me that in his teens, he had called me once to share some things that were upsetting him. Little did I know that he had a gun in his hand at the time and was trying to determine whether to end his life. My first thought was of relief, "thank goodness I said the right things that day!" My next thought was, "Wow, what if I hadn't?" That is a lot of responsibility. And I wasn't even aware of the gravity of the situation. Our daily actions, whether we know it or not, have a great impact on others. Who knows all of the ways we have impacted others and don't even realize? 

I encourage you to pay attention to how you can do God's work each and every day. Smile at others, offer help when needed, reach out to someone who is feeling blue. Also, listen to nudges that God might be sending your way to guide you in acting out your faith. 

Dear Lord, thank you for sending us your unconditional love. Please help us discover and use our gifts to your glory! Amen.

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Lisa Hegerman coordinates our outreach ministries.

Contact Lisa: or 952-985-7329