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November 27, 2017

Posted: November 27, 2017

A Devotion for Your Day

by Maggi Arndt

Psalm 79:5
O Lord, how long will you be angry with us? Forever?  
How long will your jealousy burn like fire?

Do you think that sometimes God just shakes his head at us? Have you ever shaken your head or even rolled your eyes at your children? Have you ever felt truly furious with those whom you love? What about when they complain? Or how about when you're on a car trip and they continue to ask, "are we there yet"?

No, God is not in fact a human, with our short tempers and all of our shortcomings. However, God is absolutely capable of expressing his fury. When God's children have defiled his temple; when his servants' innocent blood is shed; yes, God is furious.

But is that always a bad thing? What about righteous indignation for the poor and the needy? What about getting angry enough about injustice to actually do something about it? I believe that's the kind of fury that God knows and feels. It's the kind of passion that motivates us to stand up against evil.

Wouldn't it just be so much easier if Jesus himself would hurry up already and return? With one simple command he could stop all the atrocities of the world. How many times in the Bible, and even in our own lives we've cried out, "how long Lord"?

I believe that he will come again. But until that day, God is calling us to be patient and sometimes even long suffering in our waiting for his return. Some things may just make us furious. It's OK, God can use that. He calls us to be the hands and feet of Christ, showing mercy to the suffering and rising up against all injustice. In other words, use that fury to do something good.

Gracious God, fill us with patience as we await our Savior. Empower us to do good in your name. Protect us from those who would do harm, and help us to stand up for what is right. In your holy name we pray, amen.

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Maggi Arndt leads children and youth vocal choirs.

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