Grades 1-3 Building Blocks

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This holiday season, 1st-3rd graders are learning about Generosity. When we have generosity it means we “give to others”. Through the stories of “Elijah & the Widow”, “Jesus is Born”, “Wise Men” and “The Parable of the Rich Man”; children will learn that God gave us the greatest gift, Jesus, as an example of how we can be generous and give back to God and others!

God’s Kids in Action….at Home!

GodZone is just one small part of your child’s faith journey. You can help support your child’s faith formation by bringing the GodZone lessons to life at home each week.

Here are some ideas for the next few weeks:

  • Encourage your children to set aside some money to bring to GodZone each week as an offering. Remind them that God helps us give to others!

  • Go shopping together to buy a donation for the Mitten Tree collection.

  • Share with each other the best gift you’ve ever received. Then share the best gift you’ve ever given!

  • Share with your child what the gift of Jesus Christ means to you! Share with them the ways you like to remember Jesus’ birth each year.

  • Give each other the gift of time and presence, and plan a family night. Maybe it’s a movie night, or a game night, or maybe you cook a favorite meal together!

  • Make cards of appreciation to give to special people in your lives (teachers, doctors, grandparents, family friends, etc.)

  • Instead of making a Christmas list of things they want, encourage your children to make a list of things they want to give to others!

  • As a family, take time to give back to your community and volunteer together! A perfect opportunity is our All Church Serve Together on Wednesday, November 14! We will be working with two wonderful ministries: The Drawer and Bundles of Love. Sign-up at

  • Check out our website for more ideas on volunteering in the area: