Grades 1-3 Building Blocks


This month, first-third graders will be learning about responsibility. When we have responsibility, it means we take control!

We will learn about responsibility through the stories “The Great Commission”, “The Ascension”, and “The Parable of the Talents”. Children will learn that as God’s Kids…in Action, they have a responsibility to take control and tell others about Jesus as well as use the gifts God gave them.


God's Kids in Action... At Home

GodZone is just one small part of your child’s faith journey. You can help support your child’s faith formation by bringing the GodZone lessons to life at home each week.

Here are some ideas for the next few weeks:

  • Have a family discussion about the responsibilities you all share at home. Make a chore chart together, and encourage children to take control of their own chores!
  • Share with each other your favorite stories about Jesus, and talk about who else you can share those stories with.
  • Come up with a way you can share Jesus’ love with others as a family. Maybe volunteer together at Feed My Starving Children, or hand out sandwiches to people in need!
  • Tell your child what you think their talents, or God-given gifts are. Encourage them to use those gifts for good!
  • Share how you use your gifts to help and love others.