Grades 1-3 Building Blocks

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This month, 1st-3rd graders are learning about Creativity. When we have creativity it means we “use our imaginations”. Through the stories of “Creation”, “Adam and Eve” and “Baby Moses”, children will learn that God created us to be creative, and to use our creativity to do good things!

God’s Kids in Action….at Home!

GodZone is just one small part of your child’s faith journey. You can help support your child’s faith formation by bringing the GodZone lessons to life at home each week.

Here are some ideas for the next few weeks:

  • Take a fall nature walk as a family. Take time to stop and notice the beauty of God’s creation. Say a prayer of thanks and praise!

  • As a family, share some of your favorite parts of God’s creation! Do you like animals best? How about plants? Or the stars and the moon?

  • Make sure to point out when your child is really using their imagination.

  • Have a family creativity party and make crafts, music or invent a new game.

  • Play a game as a family where you really have to use your imagination (Ex. Charades, Pictionary, etc)

  • Adam and Eve got the special job of naming all of the animals. Tell your child the story of how you named them.

  • Share with each other about a time you solved a problem in a unique or creative way.