Grades 1-3 Building Blocks

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During the next few weeks of GodZone, 1st-3rd graders will be learning about trust. When we trust, it means that we rely on God and others.  Through the stories “The Disciples,” “A Storm,” and “Walking on Water,” children will learn that they can trust God because God has a plan for them, and God is bigger than their problems.

God’s Kids in Action….at Home!

  • As we learn about trust, it is important for children to understand that there are specific people we should or shouldn’t trust. At GodZone, children will learn that Jesus is the only one we can trust 100% of the time. As a family, make a list or simply discuss the people that you know you can trust. (For example: parents, good friends, grandparents, teachers, pastors)

  • Discuss ways that you can build trust with each other in your family. For example, telling the truth and using honesty helps to build trust in families!

  • Ask your child about the “Trust Challenges” that we do in large group at GodZone. Then try them at home! (Trust fall and trust walk are fun ones to do.)

  • Discuss what your hopes and dreams for the future are. Pray together that you can trust in God’s plan for you.

  • As a family, share the things that scare you the most. Talk about ways you can practice trusting in God when you are afraid!

  • Play a team game or sport with your family and/or a group of friends. Afterwards, talk about how trust is important when working in a team!