Grades 1-3 Building Blocks


This month, first-third graders will be learning about joy. When we have joy, it means we smile! Joy is about more than just simply being happy; it is also about having a hopeful heart for the future. We will learn about this building block through the one story that brings so much joy to the world…the story of Jesus’s birth! We will learn about Jesus’ story through several different Bible stories, including “God’s Peaceful World”, “Mary Visits Elizabeth”, “Zechariah” and “Jesus is Born”.

God's Kids in Action... At Home

GodZone is just one small part of your child’s faith journey. You can help support your child’s faith formation by bringing the GodZone lessons to life at home each week.

Here are some ideas for the next few weeks:

  • Point out to your child all the ways that they bring you joy!
  • Ask your children to share with you when they are feeling joyful!
  • Tell your child about a time you felt down in the dumps. Share how God helped you feel better when you were sad, or how He helped to turn things around!
  • Before bed, pray together and come up with a list of things that bring you joy. Thank God for those things!
  • As a family, read more stories from Isaiah. Talk about how amazing it was that Jesus was part of God’s plan even before He was born!
  • In the Spark Story Bible, read “A Child Called Immanuel” on page 168. This gives a little more background on the prophet Isaiah and God’s plan for Jesus.