Columbarium Update Jan 2018.jpg

The physical structure of the Columbarium was completed on December 11.

Late Spring or early Summer, depending on weather, we will proceed with the final plantings and completing the water feature.

With a beautifully landscaped setting, the Columbarium and Memorial Garden will be a place for peaceful meditation and prayer among those we have loved and whose lives and service we wish to remember.

Columbarium Costs


Columbarium niches are companion niches, which mean that the cremains of up two (2) decedents may be stored in each niche.

Each niche, whether used for one (1) or two (2) cremains, is $1,900.

See niche map


Current Costs

The cost for the niche, $1,900, includes a marble inscription plate. The cost for engraving names and dates onto the plate is not, however, included, and will be charged at the prevailing cost at the time of inurnment and inscribing.

Engraving Costs

One name and date inscribed:
$145 per niche front + shipping

Two names and dates inscribed:
$230 per niche front + shipping

Steps to Secure a Niche

  1. Request a Columbarium Packet from the Welcome Center, the Facility Manager, pastoral staff, or the church office.
  2. Review the Columbarium Packet’s materials.
  3. Complete the Reservation Form, found in the packet, and include payment. Checks can be made out to “SOTV Columbarium.”
  4. Upon acceptance and confirmation of the reservation, you will receive the Certificate of Inurnment Rights.
  5. Pursuant to inurnment, an Inscription Order Form is to be completed by the decedent’s representative with exact name and dates of birth and death.