Grades 1-3 Giving Project

In first-third grade GodZone, children will be learning the phrase we give, because we have.  As we focus on different giving highlights throughout the year, children will learn about how their offering supports others, from right within our community to the other side of the globe!!

As we start the school year and the GodZone year, we will be focusing on the things thatmake the start of the school year fun and easy: school supplies! Each summer at Shepherd of the Valley, we accept donations of hundreds of school supplies. Those supplies are packed into backpacks and donated to many children in schools around the area including kids at Glacier Hills, Scott Highlands, Falcon Ridge, Eastview and more! When kids bring in offering, that money helps to support the school supply drive, as well as many other projects and charities in the church, around the area and in the world!