Grades 1-3 Giving Project

360 Communities WEB.jpg

In 1st-3rd grade GodZone, children will be learning the phrase “We give, because we have”. As we focus on different giving highlights throughout the year, children will learn about how their offering supports others, from right within our community to the other side of the globe!!

This month, we are talking about an organization found right within our community: 360 Communities. SOTV has been supporting this organization for many years. Funds from benevolence, as well as Golf and Gears go to support many different 360 Communities programs.

As children in GodZone begin their school year, they will learn how 360 Communities provides help to struggling readers through a program called “Partners for Success”. 1st-3rd grade offering helps support this program, which in turn helps other children in their community learn to read!