Global Mission

Tanzania Partnership

Since 2001, Shepherd of the Valley has enjoyed a vibrant relationship with our companion congregations in Makifu and Tungamalenga Parishes in the Iringa Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.



Journey to Haiti

Haiti Outreach, Inc. is a non-profit based in Minnesota and Pignon, Haiti, that works with communities in Haiti on water, education, and other projects that the communities initiate, help build, and sustain.

Shepherd of the Valley has partnered three times with Haiti Outreach by sending groups of youth and adults to be immersed in Haitian culture, and serve in responsible ways that promote dignity. We will continue to explore other ways to support this important community development.

Haiti 2019: How to Get Involved

Since 2012, Shepherd of the Valley has taken groups of youth and adults to Haiti with Haiti Outreach, a non-profit organization focusing on long-term development strategies (vs. short-term relief) for rural areas of Haiti in which potable water is not available or easily accessible. Haiti Outreach promotes sustainability in all aspects of their work ranging from creating clean water wells and systems to building and operating public schools. Their mission is to collaborate with the people of Haiti to build and maintain community-initiated projects that advance their development.

Haiti Travel Resources

Going to Haiti is not your normal “mission trip!” We’ll participate in service work, but our main goals are to experience God’s presence in the people and culture of Haiti, learn more about sustainable community development by visiting Haiti Outreach development sites and participating in facilitated discussion, share what we’ve learned when we return home, and grow in our faith as we journey together. 

This is not a luxury vacation or tour; we’ll travel primarily by walking or riding in the back of a pick-up truck, while staying in Haiti Outreach’s guest house. This is a great opportunity for participants to experience life in another culture and build life-changing relationships with our brothers and sisters in Haiti. A trip to Haiti could turn your life upside down—in a good way! If you sense the spirit rumbling around inside you and feel a call to Haiti, by all means answer it and consider yourself invited! For more info on Haiti, contact Sarah Olson at

Our group of ambassadors will consist of 15 people:

  • 13 SOTV members: ages 10+ may come with a parent; must be 16+ to attend unaccompanied by a parent

  • Sarah Olson, SOTV Youth Director

  • 1 Haiti Outreach staff person


February 10
$500 due

March 17
Noon - 1:00 pm

Final pre-trip meeting (remaining balance due, fundraising and scholarships applied to this payment)

March 22 - 31
In Haiti

April TBD
Haiti trip reunion

*Students in grades 6 - 12 interested in fundraising credits should reference the Summer Trip Book for more information.