News for the Flock

Summer Camp

Camp teaches how we are called to live in community...together! Click to see pictures of our recent summer camps.

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By Rick Summy
Senior Pastor

Numbers are everywhere. There are courses and majors and jobs that focus solely on using and understanding numbers. Certainly when we think of budgets, we don’t expect to see much more than a list of numbers.

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Racial Truth & Reconciliation Committee

The Racial Truth & Reconciliation Committee has embraced diversity through several different forums...

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Faith Timing

“If folks at my advanced age aren’t visiting about ailments and doctor appointments, they are talking about the amazing world of technology that leaves our minds in a whirlwind.”

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Take Out Jesus

“Take Out Jesus” is the Year of Send's Putting Feet to our Faith summer opportunity to remember that we are called by God to go out from the church building and our homes and take Jesus to the world.

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What is Realm?

Realm is our new database and online ministry tool designed to help our church connect better. Realm allows you to manage your personal information and who is allowed to see it, manage your giving, and keep in touch with the groups that matter to you.

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“Many of us have a love/hate relationship with technology.” Read how the church plans to introduce new technology during June.

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Summer’s Heartbeat

Where do your summers take you? The cabin or on a road trip, weekend getaways or transatlantic adventures?

Wherever this upcoming summer finds you, remember that the heart beats on here at SOTV. As many ministries take a break over the summer months, there are several other ministries that are just getting started when June rolls around. Here’s a snapshot of a typical summer at SOTV...

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Making an Impact

In the last couple months, many Connect projects have been happening around SOTV. The congregation has donated items for Easter dinners and baskets. Other members have spent time packing and decorating these dinners and baskets. In addition, volunteers have sewn, tied, and delivered quilts to children in need.

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Putting Feet to Our Faith

We are grateful and encouraged by all of the ways the SOTV congregation has participated in serving others, particularly during this Year of Send. Members have intentionally looked for ways to use their spiritual gifts to serve as our faith leads us in Jesus’ name.

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We’re mid-way through the Capital Campaign. Look at all we’ve accomplished together!

Although people started pledging and contributing over the course of a year, we can now safely say we are halfway through the Capital Campaign. Because of your dedication and generosity, we already have some major accomplishments to be excited about! Here is what we’ve done together toward our three goal areas of debt reduction, facilities, and outreach...

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Unexpected Surprises

By Wendy Steger
Pastor, Connect

On April 3, school children and teachers were surprised and delighted to get a snow day in April. Others of us were equally surprised, and possibly less delighted, to receive eight inches of snow two days after Easter. April Fool’s Day had come and gone, but it seemed that Mother Nature still had a few tricks up her sleeve. Yes, life is full of unexpected surprises.

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Easter is a season of newness. What have you seen in a new way recently?

SOTV congregation members answered...

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Haiti 2019: Get Involved

Since 2012, we have taken groups of youth and adults to Haiti with Haiti Outreach, a non-profit organization focusing on long-term potable water solutions. Haiti Outreach collaborates with the people of Haiti to build and maintain community-initiated projects to advance their development.

How Can I Get Involved?

Travel to Haiti or Join SOTV's inaugural Haiti Steering Committe

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