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"Rain" Featuring Rob Bell

Posted: March 18, 2019

Week 2: March 18

Welcome to the online version for the weeks of Lent in March and early April of the Nooma Video series by Rob Bell. Each week on Monday we will post the video link we are using and the Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran pastor who is leading the onsite discussion groups will post questions. Then, during the week we invite you to return to this post to join the online discussion.

Weekly Discussion Questions:

  1. Share a personal reaction to this video.  What interested you, struck you as important, or raised questions for you? 

  2. In the video Rob Bell asks…”Have you ever had one of those moments…like…if you could just freeze it?  It’s so beautiful.” If you could freeze a moment from your life, what would it be?

  3. In the video Rob Bells says: “It always rains, doesn’t it?” What are some storms in your life?  Is it raining now? Do you think God intentionally puts us through trials? Isn’t there an easier way to learn?

  4. In the video Rob Bell says: “God says some amazing things like, ‘When you cry out to me, I listen.’ He even says, ‘I cannot ignore the cries of someone who is afflicted.’” Have you ever felt like God failed to come through for you? Looking back, do you still feel the same way?

  5. When you’re going through hard times and everything seems hopeless, do you still trust that God knows the way and that you’re going to make it?

Please write the answers to these below in the “Comments” section. Note: if you are using Internet Explorer, you may have issues commenting. Please switch your browser to Google Chrome.

About Rob Bell’s NOOMA Video Series:
NOOMA is a series of short films promoting spiritual reflections on individual life experiences. The name NOOMA comes from a phonetic spelling of the Greek word πνευμα (pneuma), meaning "wind," "spirit," or "breath". The video series consists of 24 videos created from 2002 - 2009 featuring Christian teacher Rob Bell, who at the time was lead pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, Michigan. Each film is from 10 - 14 minutes long and includes a short story to help illustrate a specific topic from a biblical theme to inspire personal reflection on life from a Christian perspective. (edited from Wikipedia)