Parish Nurses

Who we are

Shepherd of the Valley (SOTV) Parish Nurse Program began in 2005 with a grant from the Fairview Foundation. Over the past 10 years, SOTV has supported the training and continuing education of nine Parish Nurses, also now known as Faith Community Nurses.

What we do

The Parish Nurse seeks to foster physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well being in relation to God, family, neighbor, and church community.

H - Health advisor

E - Educator on health issues

A - Advocate/resource person

L - Liaison to faith and community

T - Teacher of volunteers & developer of support groups

H - Healer of body, mind, and spirit by offering sacred rituals of prayer and healing

Health & Wellness

The Wholeness Wheel on the right illustrates that wellness is mult-dimensional - made up of spiritual, vocational, intellectual, emotional, physical, social, and financial dimensions of well-being. Spiritual well-being is intertwined with and influences our well-being in all other dimensions.



All communications and conversations between the Parish Nurse and members will be treated in a confidential manner consistent with standards of nursing and pastoral care. No information will be divulged to staff, congregation, family, or other health care professionals without the express consent of the member.


Health Care Directives

Talk to your loved ones about Health Care Directives and take time to write your wishes down. Find out more at Honoring Choices Minnesota  or download a PDF form.