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Volunteering With Purpose

Tuesday, September 26 // 10:00 am - noon
Cost: Free

Are you looking for a purposeful volunteer opportunity, but don't know where to begin?  Please join the Purposeful Retirement group on Tuesday, September 26 from 10:00 am to Noon to discover valuable information and tips on how/where to find opportunities that provide meaningful volunteer experiences, no matter what your interests are. Before attending the program, you will have an opportunity to use an assessment survey to discover your unique spiritual gifts. The survey results can help guide you toward experiencing volunteering with purpose.

A panel of people representing four non-profit organizations will describe their missions and volunteer opportunities, and you'll hear volunteers from those organizations describe their own personal experiences. You will be able to learn from others too as you share your most memorable volunteer experiences with your table mates. The panelists will also visit each table to answer your questions. Even if you are a seasoned volunteer, you will come away with lots of useful ideas and resources, and you'll discover some new “wrinkles” about purposeful volunteering as a retiree.

This event is open to everyone! Sponsored by the Purposeful Retirement Group.