The God & Country Series

The God and Country program for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts provides your child with the opportunity to grow in faith and in service to God and to others.

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The program is divided into four grade levels:

  • God and Me (Grades 1-3) – consists of five group sessions and the awards ceremony in May. Parents work with the Scouts to help their Scout think about the story of his/her life, to think about Jesus’ life and to think about how God is a part of the Scout’s life. On meeting dates, the counselor will talk with the Scouts and have them share their projects with the group.
  • God and Family (Grades 4-6) – will compare families and pizza. The Scouts will make a pizza as they study how their families can grow together in layers in God’s love, like a pizza is built in layers. The program consists of 6 work sessions, a pizza party during the 6th session and an awards ceremony in May. NOTE: Boys can start the classes as 5th grade Webelos and complete them as 5th grade Boy Scouts.
  • God and Church (Grades 6-8) – will require that the Scouts study what Christians believe about God’s work, learn how Christians live their faith in daily life, and engage in activities which are the outgrowth of their own faith. This program consists of several group sessions, church and community service, and a visit to another religion’s place of worship.
  • God and Life (Grades 9-12) – will help the Scout understand God’s call in his/her life and in the life of the church. The program consists of several group sessions and five individual service projects.

Scouts are eligible to earn all four awards during their scouting careers – and we encourage them to do so.

Registration and Questions

If you are interested in your Scout being a part of this program, please download the registration form for full details and return the completed form to Bob Elliott.

Any more questions: please contact Bob Elliott at or 952-953-4336

> Download registration form