This Week in GodZone

Bible Story: The Good Samaritan
Building Block: Kindness
Big Idea: Care for others who are in need!

This weekend, we learned that Jesus was a great storyteller! His stories were called parables, and they taught important life lessons. First-third graders read the story of  “The Good Samaritan” and learned that Jesus tells us we can be good neighbors to everyone we meet, not just the people we see often, or who live nearby!  We should care for others who are in need, like the Good Samaritan did! We also learned that we can care for others, no matter how different they are from us. In small groups, kids came up with some ideas of how they could “care for others” and help out at home. They decorated tags for washcloths that they will use to help around the house!  8:30 GodZone was the winner of the “Mighty, Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge” food drive, and they got to play a large group game in Tool Time!  Everyone else enjoyed a cute video of an animal Good Samaritan.