This Week in GodZone

Bible Story: God's Peaceful World

This weekend we read a story called “God’s Peaceful World”. In this story, the Israelites are in the middle of a huge war.  They get a promise from God that He will one day send them a leader to teach them to love each other. This leader would come as a child and He would bring peace to the world! Kids learned that this child was Jesus! They learned that God had a plan for peace long before Jesus was born, and that for that reason, they can smile and have joy! In their small groups, children made “Peace on Earth” ornaments to remind them of God’s promise of peace.  In large group, we introduced the 5 Christmas songs we’ll be singing in the Christmas program. Children should have received a postcard with information about the program, as well as a CD and lyrics sheet so they can practice at home! We can’t wait to learn more about the reason for the season!