This Week in Zone 45

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This week on our journey through the New Testament, we will see how effective Jesus was at teaching.  He used many images to help us understand his teachings; rock vs sand. Jesus taught that a wise man builds his house on a rock (Jesus) and a foolish man on sand (worldly things). And when the storms hit us, if we aren't’ built on Him, we will fall.


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Travel Talk

Three Questions:

  1. How is Jesus like our rock?
  2. What does the sand represent in the story of the Wise and Foolish builders?
  3. What kind of storms to you have in your life?


Giving Highlight

Our partnership with Tanzania includes providing scholarship funds for 150 secondary and university students, providing bikes and motorbikes to assist pastors’ and evangelists’ transportation around the parish, providing funds for expanding the local health center, providing medicines and mosquito nets, providing funds for village access to clean water and most recently building a school.