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Adrian Laffitte: Financial Peace University

Posted: September 14, 2016

Artwork by Adrian Lafitte at the January Financial Peace University class. Participants were invited to cut their own credit cards to mark their independence from debt.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Financial Peace University (FPU) was the first time we took a class at SOTV. We stopped in for Christmas Eve Family Worship last year, but we are not regular attendees. We have lived in Lakeville for about two years and we attend church in Golden Valley where we used to live. We have 4 children, and we are a very active family who is always looking for guidance and assistance with spiritual growth and parenting.

2. What was your transformational experience at SOTV? SOTV hosting FPU allowed us to attend a church near our home that provided child care for our children. It gave us the opportunity to gain knowledge on finances and budgeting that we have implemented in our lives. An added benefit of attending this class was that we have been able to connect with other people going through the same experiences we are going through with their money as well as being introduced to SOTV and the generous facilitators that make the class happen.

3. How has this changed you? Dave Ramsey and FPU has changed everything for us as a family, as a couple, and as parents. We have been able to see the error of our ways when it comes to money and have seen our path reflected in the lessons modeled by our parents. We want better for our children, we want to improve their legacy and provide them the future they deserve. This journey has allowed us to gain the strength to tackle the financial issues that we imposed on ourselves and grow as people and as parents. We recommend FPU to anyone that we talk to and are so thankful to SOTV for hosting this transformative class.

4. What are some ways that people who have already taken FPU could continue to be involved?  I have volunteered to help teach the FPU class starting in September. I want to learn their Best Practices concerning this course and how it changes the lives of the members of their congregation. Perhaps another way of connecting newcomers to the effectiveness of the class would be to have recent graduates come back and speak about their experiences. This would allow relatable moments to occur and would encourage further conversation. In addition, having a follow-up meeting with FPU graduates would enable people to stay connected to the process and encourage them along their journey.

The next FPU class begins September 22. See full details