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Dealing with Conflict and Forgiveness

Posted: March 07, 2017

Transformation @Home: an ongoing series of ideas to nurture faith formation outside the church.

There is only one prerequisite to nurturing faith in the home. You must have an open heart and be willing to let the love of Christ shine through. Here are some ways to nurture faith in young ones when dealing with conflict and forgiveness:

  • Respond to inappropriate behavior or choices using the phrase “Lord, have mercy” as a way to capture attention and appeal to the presence of a higher authority.
  • Help your children appreciate your discipline as healthy guidelines, not final performance ratings.  Encourage them to respond to your words with, “OK, I’m learning.”
  • When conflicts arise, retitle your “Time Outs” to be “Begin Agains” and refocus from alienation to the goal of rejoining the family when ready.
  • Learn Bible verses that promote healthy behavior and display them on your refrigerator.
  • Model God’s unconditional love by teaching your children to respond to people's mistakes with the phrase, “I don’t like what you do, but I still love you!”
  • Talk openly with family members in age appropriate ways about long term conflict.  Be open to seeking outside support.  Check with your pastor or community services to identify the help you need.

Material from "101 Faith Place" by Miriam Campbell