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Easter: the Ultimate Transformation

Posted: April 11, 2017

Easter is the ultimate transformation. Unexpected grace, sheer joy, a risen and living Lord. There is nothing like it - and never will be.

How can we share this Easter joy with our children (or grandchildren) and nurture their faith by this miraculous occasion? Here are a few ideas courtesy of our GodZone Sunday school leaders:

  • Write a note from the Easter Bunny before going to church saying, “Just hopping by to remind you that Jesus comes first today...so I’ll be back later.”
  • Put a budding branch in water and watch it come to life.  Talk about the cycle of life as a miracle God provides.
  • Hang paper butterflies around your house to celebrate new life.
  • Watch a video together about the life of Jesus and talk about its meaning together.

For more, here is an excellent blogpost about worshiping with children on Easter.

Remember, you are creating memories. Some of them will be warm and wonderful. Others will lead to family eye-rolling stories told for years to come. All them shape lives.