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Scott Moss: Transformed by Commitment

Posted: October 20, 2016

Watch Scott's video testimonial, or read a written version below.

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My name is Scott Moss I am 22 years old and I have been a member here at SOTV for 18 years, or so. I am currently a Student at Iowa State University studying finance. Before going to college I joined the military and was deployed to Kuwait for a year. I was very involved in SOTV when I was living here, I taught Sunday school for 7 years. I taught confirmation for 3 years, I went on a mission trip every summer, not directly related to SOTV but I was a camp counselor at Camp Wapo for a summer. I grew up through the church.

When I was 11 years old I lost my father, he took his own life. I have an older sister who was 15 and a younger brother who was 9. This devastated us as a family. I struggled for a while after I lost my dad, my whole family did. I noticed however that my sister seemed to be doing better than the rest. I wanted to know why and wanted to follow after her. What I saw was that she was extremely involved in the Church. That church being SOTV. So I wanted to get involved every way I could with the church. I started confirmation at SOTV so I was learning, I went on mission trips with the church so I was getting connected with others, I would go to church services so I would worship and along every single one of those steps I was cared for by the entire SOTV community, pastors, youth leaders, people of the congregation and the friends I made along the way. Every single one of the core ministries of SOTV was part of my transformational experience.

I don’t think the church changed me, I think the church made me. Looking back, I get emotional, it was so hard losing my father at such a young age and it was so hard for my family to go through. But because of the ministries of the church I am who I am today. I carry the values of a Christian, I strive every day to live a life for and through God and that is because the church taught me to. I get emotional because who I am today is because of SOTV. I need to say such a large thank you to the church, through God, for who I am today. I need to say a large thank you to everyone who has cared for me along the way. For the Worship that brought me closer to God. For the opportunity to connect to grow in God’s community and to all the people that let me learn along the way and grow in my faith. Thank you.

When I left for the military I was nervous to be starting a new chapter in my life where I would be alone. Going to do something that is extremely difficult with absolutely no one I know. I came back from Kuwait and my faith had grown a lot. I talked to Pastor Randy and I told him I think it’s funny that I thought that I had strong faith before, he said something to me that I wish to share, “You did have a strong faith then Scott, it’s just adapting and growing as you do”. I thought that he is so right, faith will always be growing as long as we continue to plug into God, as long as we let it. And what better place than here with SOTV. So whether you are watching this as an 11 years old who just lost their father, or whether you are watching this as someone who has been a member for 25 years, your faith is going to grow and change if you plug in. The best way to do that is to be committed. Commit not to going to church, commit to going to worship and growing your faith. Commit not to teaching conformation, commit to helping others learn in their faith. Commit not to going on a mission trip, commit to going to serve others and connect with others in your faith. Commit not to feeling sorry for that 11-year-old who lost his father, no, commit to caring for that 11-year-old. Commit to that 11-year-old because one day he could be sitting in this chair 11 years later giving a testimony of faith that goes so far beyond anything of this world.