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Steve & Ann Genrich: Lutheran Marriage Encounter

Posted: September 12, 2016

We are Steve and Ann Genrich. We live here in Apple Valley and have been members of SOTV for about fifteen years. We had both belonged to the UCC church in Minneapolis that I grew up in. Our transformational experience has to do with Connect.

AG: One day I explained to Steve that I really wanted to return to the Lutheran church and that there was one in Apple Valley a friend of mine belonged to. After joining we really didn’t see much of each other on Sunday mornings. Once in awhile I brought home pamphlets from SOTV about one class or group or another. They would pile up on Steve’s desk and eventually get tossed into the circular file.

SG: One morning, while waking up and checking email, I actually looked through one of the fliers. It was from something called Lutheran Marriage Encounter. Unbeknownst to me Ann
had spoken with an SOTV member about these weekends and the person gave her the flier. It sounded interesting. Before I knew it my hands were at the computer keyboard and I was
typing in the web address. It was as if God had placed them there. Just like that we were registered. Taking initiative like that was not normal behavior for me! Fast-forward to the Marriage Encounter weekend…

AG: We started learning a lot about us as a couple and also as individuals.

SG: I discovered that I have feelings! And that they are important! We were taught how to listen to each other too.

AG: The transformation we made as a couple on that weekend was apparent as there were observable changes when we were seen together. Our marriage went from “me and you” to “Us.”

SG: Our lives and marriage became more Christ-like after learning that marriage is a covenant and needs God intertwined within it. Our enthusiasm following the weekend nudged us to become Presenters. We developed relationships with the local LME community through monthly small-group meetings at other couples’ homes. This local community of friends we have now is exactly what was missing. We all share this common bond of being what we call “encountered.”

AG: We help with supplies for each weekend and are now part of the Minnesota/Wisconsin Board of Directors.

SG: I would suggest that couples who might be interested to just speak with us. Call Ann’s cell at 952-220-4064 or e-mail steveandanngenrich@yahoo.com.