11 Scouts Receive Four Star Award in May 2020

In May 2020, 11 scouts received the P.R.A.Y. Protestant 4 Star Award after they completed all four “God and Country” classes sponsored by SOTV. Congratulations to this group, the largest in SOTV’s history! Here’s what they had to say:

Samuel had this to say about the P.R.A.Y program: “The God and Life program was a very good experience for me, and many others I also saw taking the program. I especially enjoyed creating a movie, which started a hobby that I still continue with today. I highly recommend the program because it helps broaden your horizons within a positive environment.”

Jonah commented: “It’s hard to put into words all that I’ve learned while participating in the P.R.A.Y. Program, but the best way I can say it is this: I’ve learned that God is with us all in more than one place, and it takes an open heart and mind to see Him at work.

Alex: “At the beginning of these classes I did not know much about God, and how He created the world. Now going through these classes, I understand what He did and who He called upon to help Him along the way. Also, I understand God’s morals and what He strives for. These classes have helped me connect with God and I would recommend to every Scout to participate in the P.R.A.Y. program.”

Brennan said that “P.R.A.Y. has brought me to realize how much I cared about my faith and to realize who I am both in my faith and outside of it.”

Jeremy said, “I have a greater understanding and more knowledge of God. I also liked the way that the counselor incorporated Star Wars into the program; that made it more relatable because it was something I know and enjoy.” [The God & Life counselor likes to compare Saul of Tarsus, and his zeal to persecute Christians, as the Darth Vader of that time. It helps the Scouts realize how scary Saul of Tarsus was to early Christians and how amazing it was that God called Saul, of all people, to be His apostle to the world.]

Heath said “I liked the program. It was fun and enjoyable. I saw God differently than when I started this adventure and am very happy I did it all the way through.”

Since SOTV started offering these classes in 2002, 505 scouts have earned a total of 761 religious emblems; 43 of those completing all classes to earn the 4 Star Award. A new class called “Jesus & Me” debuted for the youngest scouts this year too. Bob Elliott, SOTV’s God & Life counselor for the past 13 years, attributes the success of this program to the scouts, their parents, and support from pastors and staff. Great job!