180 Crosses

Each fall, when a new class of 10th graders goes through the Rite of Confirmation, each student is presented with a handmade wooden cross. This isn’t some dollar store, made-in-China, knick-knack. No, sir! These crosses are made by woodworkers from Shepherd of the Valley. This year, Ron & Margaret Anderson hosted the cross-making at their home, and here’s exactly what those crosses are made of…

  • Two 8×8 oak boards
  • Danish oil
  • 1 Table saw
  • 1 Planer
  • 2 Routers
  • 1 Drill press
  • 3 Belt sanders
  • 3-4 Vises
  • 8 Men working for 9 hours
  • 3 Supportive wives (who made lunch)

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s batch of crosses! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

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