2020 Coffee Cup Challenge

When & Where

Throughout 2020, you’re encouraged to take the Coffee Cup Challenge and give an extra $5 per week – about the cost of a cup of coffee. Just learning about this now? Start whenever you can, and catch up if you’re able (about $20 per month).

You can give in a variety of ways. 

What to Expect

Together, we can make a bigger difference that we ever could alone! You can expect your gifts to impact the lives of people in our church, community, and across the world!

Click here to share a quote or story, photo, or video about how your life has been changed through SOTV people and ministry.

In trying times with the death of those close to us, the SOTV community embraced us which is a feeling like no other. My faith has been strengthened by the grace of God while mourning the loss of loved ones. – Mary

Working with the youth through trips and confirmation has strengthened my faith – walking and working beside them and guiding through what can be a challenging time of life for them. – Ann

SOTV first attracted us and continues to do so because it is home to a group of people, both staff and congregation, who practice what is preached. – Jon

The caring and support we received during the loss of our parents, surgeries and illnesses carried us through very difficult times. – Kathy

After I divorced, I didn’t have the money to pay for all the events that my kids wanted to attend. SOTV assisted with the cost of their Youth events and made it affordable for me. I was relieved that my kids could be involved instead of missing the activities that shaped their growing up years. I’m very appreciative. – Lori

The Bible Studies lead by our gifted Pastors and lay people…were growth experiences for me. – Kathy

We attribute our children’s faith, and our entire family’s faith, to the outstanding ministries at SOTV. – Tom

Attending SOTV has felt so natural, and so welcoming that I now attend worship every Sunday with my family. Sermons are meaningful and relevant to today’s life; every Sunday I feel that the Pastors are talking directly to me, and I carry the message with me into the week. In fact, my toddler daughter LOVES going to church, and can’t wait for Sundays to roll around. I never thought that I would be part of a church community, but here I feel part of something great. I feel loved, welcomed, important and cared for; I feel that I and my family belong. We are so grateful to be here. – Jessica

While the church has grown and changed, it still remains a warm, loving, cozy place of comfort and joy. It feels small and welcoming. I feel so lucky to be a part of it and enjoy the opportunities to give back to this church. – Nikki

First day of the Coffee Cup Challenge.

SOTV purchased 80 mattresses for the Dakota County Emergency Shelter. This picture show Council members serving dinner at one of the shelter locations.

We had 75 people from SOTV pack meals, and we donated $2,000 in support.

Last year, we fed nearly 150 people each week through our Food Shelf! Your donations of time, food, and money make this possible!

Just when a member was missing worshiping with her family, this young girl noticed her and joined her for the sermon.

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