8 Tips for Filling out a Scholarship Application

By Linda Nelson (2016)

Scholarship applications require a substantial investment of time for both the applicants and the reviewers. Here are some tips to make a good impression.

  1. Draft a practice copy so you won’t make mistakes on the final copy that you submit. Even a simple grammar or spelling mistake can affect how reviewers weigh the rest of your application.
  2. If you handwrite your answers, use a black pen and use your BEST handwriting.
  3. Answer each question honestly and completely. Pay special attention to the essay question. Make sure that you are answering all parts of the question.
  4. Turn the application in on time! If you submit a late application, you will potentially lose points, or your application may not be considered at all.
  5. Make sure you provide any back up or reference information that is requested of you. Most applications include a check list. Make sure you complete it before submission.
  6. Submit an application that looks good visually. This means no errors, no crossed-out mistakes, and otherwise looking tidy and clean. Use bullets or numbered lists to organize your points.
  7. Find an Editor. Make sure you have someone else read through your application. Things that seem clear to you may not be clear to those who read it. You’re totally looking for a typo in this list, aren’t you?
  8. Take your time with the essay. Answer the questions fully, be passionate in your responses, and include personal examples. Don’t reuse old essays from other applications. Your essay needs to be written specifically for the people reviewing your application, and not generic.

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