A Hunger for Learning (2017)

Jane and I have experienced many Bible studies, book studies, men’s groups, women’s groups, the race group, and Sunday Forums. They have all provided us the “pearls of wisdom” that increase our understanding of our faith, give us the ability to “go in peace and serve the Lord” and improve our ability and awareness to participate in the conversations of the day.

It’s been a while since we were confirmed. Some points weren’t understood at that time, others have been misfiled, and others have dimmed over time. The study groups that SOTV facilitates have provided answers to our questions and refreshed our memories. Discussions of what the context of the words meant at the time they were spoken, the use of “remez” and just reading the chapters of the Bible have increased our understanding.

Similarly, the books we have read on purposeful living, race, prayer, different religions, grace, etc., have all increased our awareness and understanding of these subjects.

So, we recommend participating in SOTV’s groups studying the Bible, social issues, and Christian issues if you are searching for:

  • answers to your faith questions
  • good friends you enjoy being with
  • ways to encourage your mind to think
  • the ability to participate in today’s conversations
  • some very good pastries and treats

 We hope to see you at a learning event soon!

-Ken Syverson (2017)

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