A Preschool Formed Through Community

Celebrating Children Preschool (CCP) is a state-licensed half day preschool and ministry of Shepherd of the Valley. CCP actively participates in the life of the church, and has become a vibrant and enriching program through interaction with its surrounding community.

The mission of Celebrating Children Preschool is: With God as our center and parents as our partners, our goal is to nurture the total child, emotionally, intellectually, physically and spiritually. To Linda Nelson, Director of CCP, that means keeping the door open to parents and the rest of the world. Parents are invited to participate in the classroom and to incorporate the classroom at home.

“We love to have parents and special adults be part of a child’s world,” says Linda, “and the children appreciate sharing this world with anyone who visits.”

Linda also stresses the importance of keeping open communication with families through methods like a monthly calendar, email and seeking continual feedback from families.

“We know it’s a huge effort for parents to bring their kids to school and keep them involved. We are here to support the families however we can.” 

CCP also works individually and with other parts of the church to promote educational and fun family events throughout the year.  Examples over the past year included Stone Soup Day, Family Advent Party, Trunk or Treat, Family Movie Night, Parenting Classes, the Moms’ Group, MOPs and Bingo Night.  Additionally, one of the pastors comes once a month to lead chapel, drawing on the themes and focus from weekend worship.

Linda and the teachers of CCP are grateful for the support and interaction of the Shepherd of the Valley community for creating a nurturing environment for children. She adds, “It is a wonderful blessing working with these children.”

If your family is interested in our preschool, registration for the 2016-17 school year starts on
January 4, 2016. More information.

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