A Taste of Summer & Capital Update 2016

Summer is a wonderful time for rest and relaxation, and it’s also an opportunity to explore some exciting new ways to worship. Beginning in late May, we have three dynamic worship series planned.

“Burning Questions” will seek to answer difficult topics we often wrestle with. After each weekend, the conversation will continue at a Wednesday night study, hosted by the pastors. “Worship Matters” in July will examine the major components of worship, and their importance. In August, “Transformed Lives” will shine a spotlight on great Bible characters such as Moses and the Apostle Paul. 

Musically, summer offers something for everyone including a Big Band Jazz Worship, Hymn Sing, and a Country-Style Worship. Out of town? Join us Monday nights at “Cabin Worship” or catch the latest sermon online.

May 2016 Capital Fund Update

This is the fourth in a series of monthly updates on Capital Fund activity, sharing progress toward our Capital Campaign objectives. A financial update is available with other reports on our Council webpage. For specific questions, please e-mail council@sotv.org.

In April, Council approved the designation of $25,000 from the Capital Fund toward debt reduction, facility, and outreach. With this designation, we paid $20,000 toward principal, allocated $3,750 to the facility, and allocated $1,250 to outreach. 

The construction of a school building in Mpalapande, Tanzania has been selected as the initial outreach project by the Benevolence Leadership Team. During Pastor Paulo Masinga’s recent visit, the Tanzania steering committee had several opportunities to talk through the next steps of this project with him. Pastor Paulo’s stories of children in the village walking such a great distance for their education reinforced for many the importance of this project. We anticipate breaking ground in the next few months, and completing the foundation, walls and roofing yet this year, with electrical and finishing work to be completed in early 2017.

Your gifts are important to achieving our objectives, and helping us live into our vision of inviting all people to experience the Welcome, Transformation, and Sending of Jesus Christ. Thank you for generously supporting the Capital Fund!

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