Being Church Now (2020)


“I facilitated an Alzheimer’s support group via teleconferencing to continue to support them during these difficult times. God was definitely with us as we supported each other. Some of our group is suffering not being able to be with their loved ones as memory care places are in lock down. Praise God for technology to keep us connected. I see God everywhere. Praying people that don’t know God will find Him through all of us that are sharing our stories of faith! Blessings to all!” – Sue

“Thank you for all you are doing to continue the important ministry of Shepherd of the Valley. These are times of constant change and often leave us feeling lost and isolated. Your work to keep caring for our congregation, building connection and bringing us together in new, creative ways are so important and appreciated.” – Jessica

“i love this coffee time with our pastors know God was with me at HY-VEE today. i was checking out and i happened to have 2 big packages of toilet paper, i happened to walk by that isle when they were just unpacking a new delivery, so i went to the check out and this elderly lady asked where i had gotten the T.P. and i told and she said disappointingly she was just there and there was nothing. and a lady next to us said you have to be there when they unload. so i turned around and looked at my 2 big packages of t.p. and i picked one up and turned around and put it in her cart. she was so appreciative. i know God was there, because he wants us not only to love one another, but to help each other in time of need. he’ll get us thru this. thanks and i love you dear savior.” – Janet

“Thank you so much for making, organizing, and delivering face masks for Cassia—Augustana Care Health and Rehab of Apple Valley. We are so appreciative of folks like you, especially during these uncharted waters. Thank you—all of SOTV—we are grateful.” – Cassia

Some SOTV members are doing fun and heartfelt Facebook posts during this dreary time. They range from funny posts, to a song of the day, and even daily devotions. How wonderful to see SOTV people sharing the love of Jesus in their own ways!

“We enjoy SOTV’s coffee breaks and we are telling non members about it. In fact, they are so rewarding and energizing I would like to see them continue even when things get back to normal.” – Robert