Call Committee Update 2016

The Senior Pastor Call Committee has been in conversation with a highly qualified candidate, and is considering one additional candidate at this time. Bishop Patricia Lull, of the Saint Paul Area Synod, met with the committee this week and affirmed their work. She confirmed the typical call process can take 12-18 months, and that the committee should feel good about their progress so far. Bishop Lull will be working directly with the committee throughout the call and installation process of a new Senior Pastor, a role typically assigned to a Bishop’s assistant. The committee is grateful for her partnership!  Please continue to keep the committee in your prayers.

If you have any questions, please plan to attend the Congregation Dialogue, hosted by the committee this Sunday, April 3, 2016 at 9:45 or 11:00 am in the Chapel.

Why are pastors “called” as opposed to hired? What are the stages of the call process? How long does it usually take? These questions and more will be answered by members of the Call Committee during the Congregation Dialogue. Our Pastoral Call Committee has been hard at work in the call process and look forward to this opportunity to be available to connect with the congregation. Members of all ages are invited and encouraged to attend.

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