Capital Campaign Achievements and Plan for 2016

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Here is a summary of how your gifts are already making a difference toward our vision to “Invite all people to experience the Welcome, Transformation, and Sending of Jesus Christ.” Fulfillment of pledges has begun, and early giving has already allowed us to make progress toward goals. Thank you!

Effective August 2015, the Council approved the creation of the “Capital Fund,” where monies donated to both the Capital Campaign and the Building Fund now reside. As such, the Finance Leadership Team (with Council approval) will allocate Capital Fund money
toward traditional Building Fund responsibilities (paying the mortgage and funding capital projects/improvements) and to Capital Campaign goals (debt reduction, facility, and outreach).

What have we done so far?

The first stages of the Capital Campaign began fall of 2014, so gifts have been received for over a year. Through December 2015, we received over $736,000 toward our 5-year pledge of $3.9 million! With that money, in combination with Building Fund receipts, we have:

  • Paid additional money toward principal
  • Replaced two furnaces and two condensers
  • Addressed a mold issue identified in the original building structure
  • Paid consultant and administrative fees associated with the Capital Campaign
  • Integrated 2006-addition HVAC control system
  • Purchased additional tables and chairs
  • Replaced latches and thresholds at entrance 1
  • Installed energy-efficient LED lighting in main bathrooms

2016 Plans:

Besides continuing to pay our monthly mortgage payments and fund capital projects/improvements traditionally paid by the Building Fund, Council approved this year’s fulfilled pledges to be allocated to Debt Reduction (80%), Facility (15%), and Outreach (5%).

  • Debt. The Finance Leadership Team will review funds received each month, and determine the appropriate allocation toward principal reduction. These amounts will be shared with the
    congregation in the monthly Capital Campaign updates.
  • Facility. Money this year be allocated in three different ways:
    • †Begin funding a managed account to plan and save for future renovation
    • †Address ongoing and urgent facility needs (some examples include refinishing the chancel floor and steps, repairing the sidewalk outside of the sanctuary, repairing pew cushions,and upgrading building safety and security)
    • †Establish an emergency maintenance fund
  • Outreach. This year, a global outreach initiative was chosen because our existing partnership had a clear project meeting a specific need. This year’s proposed initiative is building a three-classroom school with a nurse’s station in Mpalapande, Tanzania. This project will be funded through capital campaign giving, and we will continue to allocate annual benevolent giving as usual. The Benevolence Leadership Team has begun evaluating possible local outreach initiatives for 2017.

How can I learn more?

  • Watch for monthly updates. We plan to have an update in the bulletin or News For the Flock, and the weekly e-mail on the first weekend of each month. If you’d like to receive our weekly
    e-mails, please contact Trip Sullivan at
  • Watch for articles in the Life of the Flock. Next month, there will be an article on the Mpalapande school project. Watch for other relevant articles in future issues too.
  • Get more details on the website. Monthly Finance Leadership Team summaries and Council reports are available on our council webpage. A specific summary of Capital Campaign and Building Fund income and how that has been allocated will be available in February.
  • Contact the finance office. Stop by the main office, email, or call to learn ways you can give to the Capital Fund or other ministries in our church at or 952-985-7314.

Thank you for your generosity and ongoing support of Shepherd of the Valley!

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