Caregiving and the holidays: from stress to success!

For many caregivers the holiday season gives rise to stress, frustration and anger, instead of peace and good will.

Caregivers may feel resentful toward other family members who they feel have not offered enough assistance. Managing care for someone who has a cognitive impairment may leave caregivers feeling that they will not be able to participate as fully as they would like in family gatherings. Already feeling overwhelmed with caregiving tasks, stressed-out caregivers may view traditional holiday preparations as more of a drain of precious energy than a joy.

Keep in mind that the holidays can, in fact, provide unique opportunities to seek better communication, connection, and support from family and friends.

Suggestions for making the holidays more enjoyable include:

  • Have honest communication about the caregiving situation.
  • Use holiday greetings and a brief note to explain.
  • Let sleeping dogs lie? Or determine the right time to talk about frustrations.
  • Be clear about your energy level.
  • Accept the need to adapt.
  • Identify a ‘visit room’ for quiet space.
  • Share your wish list – don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • Schedule one-on-one time with your loved one.
  • Reflect on the rewards of caregiving.
  • Write a thank you note to family or friends.

Click here for more information on these suggestions and how to make the holidays more enjoyable
for you and your loved ones. This article is taken from the Family Caregiver Alliance webpage.