Celebrating Children Preschool for 2018-19 School Year

Play-Based Preschool in Apple Valley has Openings for Fall 2018

When researching and touring preschools, parents come across many new terms. One of those terms may be play-based curriculum. Celebrating Children Preschool (CCP) at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church has existed for nearly 25 years, and is known for their play-based curriculum in a caring, Christian setting. While this may look chaotic or overly simplistic, everything at CCP is intentionally structured to develop fundamental skills while setting a course for a life-long love of learning.

At CCP, each classroom environment is set up with purpose, allowing children to practice all the skills they will need to be successful students. The layout includes many different stimuli where children can explore, navigate choices, and negotiate within their environment while being around other students. The toys are intentional and rotated frequently to encourage curiosity, while eventually growing their attention spans. CCP has one teacher per every 10 students, enabling individual attention. This classroom environment sets the stage for core skill development in the areas below.

Science and math. While exploring through play, children are developing the fundamentals of science and math. They try new things, learn how to make things work, discover different purposes, learn creative thinking, and how to solve problems. Children develop science and math skills by using their hands to create from their imagination, leading them to be innovative and curious to see things in new ways.

Physical readiness. Children have time outside each day (or in inclement weather, a large indoor play area). When engaging in large muscle (recess-like) play, children are learning to take risks and manage their bodies. How fast can I go and for how long? Can I jump down from here without getting hurt? Children are given an environment to succeed, and also to safely fail. In those failures, they learn and grow. This physical activity also supports many desired classroom behaviors. For example, a strong set of core muscles helps a student sit calmly in a chair or on the floor without fidgeting. These large muscle skills also lay a strong foundation for fine motor skills used during writing and cutting.

Communication. Children learn to use words to express their needs, questions, negotiate, share, and care for others. Students often find ways to solve their own disputes before needing an adult to intervene.

Creative thought. While practicing specific skill sets, children are encouraged to think creatively. When performing fine motor tasks, children ultimately create something very unique. The process children use often teaches more than the product they create. While using context to develop creative solutions, children develop skills like patience, perseverance, and other problem-solving skills. These skills help in many areas, including reading, higher levels of math, and working in groups.

Christian foundation. Bible stories and characters are incorporated into classroom play areas, and a monthly chapel service allows children to hear messages centered on Jesus’ love, forgiveness, and grace.

For more information or a tour, contact Linda Nelson at 952.985.7370 or linda.nelson@sotv.org. You can also check out our web page at sotv.org/preschool

If you have or know someone who has a child in the 3-5 age range, please recommend our program.

Do you run a daycare?

Would you be able to transport children from your daycare to Celebrating Children Preschool at SOTV? Linda Nelson, Preschool Director, is compiling a list of providers to recommend to the preschool families. Contact: Linda at linda.nelson@sotv.org or 952.985.7370.

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