Christmas at SOTV Trivia

1. What is SOTV’s average Christmas Eve worship attendance for each of the last five years?

A. 4,440

B. 5,550

C. 6,660

2. About how many bulletins will be printed for Christmas Eve worship this year?

A. 2,000

B. 3,000

C. 4,000

3. About how many extra chairs are set up each year for overflow seating at mid-afternoon services on Christmas Eve?

A. 350

B. 450

C. 550

4. What traditional carol do we sing as the closing hymn on Christmas Eve?

5. What Christmas carol will celebrate its 200th anniversary this Christmas Eve?

6. How often will you continue to worship after Christmas to celebrate the birth of our Lord in the new year?

The answers will be posted in a blog post on Friday, December 7.

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