Coffee Break with a Pastor (2020)

(2020) Join us weekdays at 10:30 am!

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“Thank you for doing this. I am one of the many healthcare workers and I thank you for the prayers for us. This is all very weird and worrisome for us and our families. I will not be able to see my 90 year old grandmother until this is all over. I am praying she can stay safe thru all of this.” – Sherry

“I miss my friends at SOTV! Thank you for doing these. I feel connected again! Gods Peace.” – LaVon

“Friend from St. Marks thank you and bless you, I have been connecting daily for the coffee breaks.” – Tammy

“I discovered this by ‘accident’ just now. I think it was a God thing. I needed this. Thank you!” – Phaedra

“My life has slowed down and has given me time for self-reflection.” – Cathy

“Good Morning, Pastor….I look forward to this time every morning… Thank You!!!” – Robert

“So good to hear the words, ‘God loves you’. Thank you!” – Mary

“Coffee breaks are a great way to make me feel connected to SOTV and friends from church. I even set an alarm so I make sure I don’t miss them.” – Brittany