Coffee Cup Challenge in April 2020 Newsletter

(2020) God loves us; we respond to God’s love by being love in the world.

We’ve been asking members and friends of our congregation to consider giving an extra $5 each week, highlighting the impact we could have on meeting needs, changing lives, and restoring hope when we pool our resources together.

Our world has changed dramatically in the last few weeks. As we all adjust, and because we are not able to gather together in person, supporting the church may not seem to be as important. It is perhaps more important than ever. We are committed to taking care of the everyday things like paying our mortgage, staying current on our benevolence giving, paying our dedicated and creative staff, keeping the food shelf functioning, and reaching out in all sorts of new ways. In difficult times, our call to meet needs, change lives, and restore hope is bigger than ever!

We know that some people have had job changes or loss, and others have serious financial concerns. Should you need to adjust your giving because of these losses, we understand. But, as you’re able, we ask you to seriously consider how you can respond to God’s love now. If you can keep your regular giving current, please do so. All gifts matter, and are being used carefully to show God’s love in new ways, both to those who’ve known God’s love and to those who might now feel it for the first time. Some of us may even be in the privileged position to make an extra gift in these days. If you are able to do so, please do. We promise to be faithful stewards of your gifts.

Let’s be church together, in news ways, in new times. Thank you for your generosity.

You can give now at