Community Event: Immersed in the Word

The Greatest Story Ever Told with Maren Jo Schneider

When & Where

Saturday, March 18
9:00 – 11:00 am
Shepherd of the Valley (Great Hall)
Cost: $10, includes continental breakfast

What to Expect

There’s no better way to kill a good story than a book report. We suck the joy out of it, just to prove we’ve read it. I fear we’ve also turned the Gospels into a report, recording a miracle here, and observing a resurrection there. We notice the witnesses, remember the order of events, and never get curious enough to ask a question. No wonder we’re bored. Our Creator loves us far too much to give us a watered-down synopsis as a sacred text. The Gospels are works of art, masterful literature meant to engage our minds and hearts and to compel our response. We just need the eyes to see it.

Join us on March 18 to study Luke’s use of characterization and context in chapter 10, where we find 70 exuberant followers, a lawyer in need of a good tweak, and Martha who deserves so much more than she’s received. Come away with tools for reading the Bible like an English major, and find permission to be curious, ask questions, and engage your imagination.

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Maren Jo Schneider

Maren Jo Schneider is a writer, speaker, podcaster, and story fiend. Since she was a girl growing up in small-town Minnesota, two things have been true about her. First, she loves a great story and considers nothing better than analyzing the heck out of a good one with a friend. Second, she has always been fascinated with the idea that we can live connected with a God who loves us and desires us to love others. Throughout her journey of faith, the stories found in the Bible have intrigued, confused, comforted, and challenged her. And guess what? She loves to analyze them too.

The Bible and the English Major Podcast

The beauty in the Bible can be challenging to appreciate, and that’s where Maren, an enthusiastic English Major, comes in! Together we explore the dang good drama, bizarre ancient context, and creative artistry in the Bible.

If you’re looking for a fresh take on stories you think you know or are curious about how Biblical authors used irony, symbolism, and humor to make a point, listen and follow The Bible and the English Major today!

Listen and follow Maren’s podcast, “The Bible and the English Major,” on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pandora, and Audible (

What People are Saying

“Witty and insightful Bible commentary for the modern age. The Bible and the English Major is a refreshing take on understanding the Bible and living its message out in our modern world. Maren’s approach is inviting and disarming, which is especially helpful for anyone who has kept God, Jesus, and Christianity at arm’s length or even turned their back on faith. Her insight is deep and helps bring Scripture to life. Check this out immediately, and share it!”
— Paulo59 on Apple Podcasts

“So smart. So fun. If you like the Bible, or if you think you don’t, give Maren’s podcast a listen.”
— Amy in St. Paul

“I’m not a Christian, but I find your podcast fascinating! I’m majoring in English and saw The Bible and the English Major on Spotify. I almost skipped over it since I am not religious, but it intrigued me. I’m glad I gave it a try!”
— xo_melodi on Instagram

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