2019 Daily Lenten Prayers (Emailed)

The pastors of Shepherd of the Valley offer daily prayers as an opportunity for our church community to share in a 2019 Lenten discipline. To sign-up, fill out this form; marking “Congregation-wide information, including weekly devotions.”

Imagine the many members of our congregation pausing for a few moments each day in Lent to lift the same prayer to God. How can this shared spiritual experience not change us, strengthen us, and give us new resolve to connect to our loving and gracious God every day of our lives?

Except for special days (like Ash Wednesday and that last days of Holy Week), the prayers will follow this pattern (suggested by Evangelical Lutheran Worship, our hymnal):

Monday- a prayer that reflects the wideness of God’s mercy for the whole world
Tuesday- a prayer for the church universal, its ministry, and the mission of the good news
Wednesday- a prayer for the well-being of creation
Thursday- a prayer for peace and justice in the world, the nations and those in authority, the community
Friday- a prayer for the poor, oppressed, sick, bereaved, lonely
Saturday- a prayer for those who suffer in body, mind, and spirit
Sunday- a prayer for the congregation, and for special concerns

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