Did you know…SOTV has a library

(2018) The library is located in the Shepherd Room by the Great Hall, Music Room, and Food Shelf. It is open anytime there is not a meeting in the Shepherd Room.

The library includes a wide variety of faith formation materials that are available to checkout:

• Nonfiction and fiction books

• Teen and children books

• DVDs for families and children

• Bible resources (commentaries and interpretations)

• Books on grieving, prayer, racial justice, and mental health

• Much more!

Small group resources are also available in the Main Office at SOTV:

• Book discussions

• DVD studies

• Bible studies

• Family/marriage/parenting resources

To see what materials are available in the SOTV library or in the Main Office, you can peruse the library or browse the online catalog. When browsing the online catalog, select the “Explore” tab to search by topic, or do a manual search by author, title, or subject.

To check out materials in the library, complete the manual checkout form located on the desk in the library. The small group resources located in the Main Office can be checked out by contacting Julie Opheim at 952.985.7331 or julie.opheim@sotv.org.

Volunteer opportunities are available during worship hours on the weekends and on Monday evenings.

The SOTV library’s funding for books and DVDs is raised annually at the library’s Christmas Boutique table. You can help by baking and dropping off baked goods at the library’s Christmas Boutique’s table on Saturday, November 10, beginning at 7:00 am. Thank you to all congregation members who bake and drop off baked goods for the Library to sell. You are helping to stock the library with free items to check-out!

SOTV Library Open Houses

Sunday, Oct 7, 2018
9:15 am – 12:15 pm

Wednesday, Oct 10, 2018
4:30 – 8:00 pm

Stop by to see what the library has to offer, sign-up for giveaways, and enjoy a special treat!

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