Easter is a season of newness. What have you seen in a new way recently? (2018)

(2018) SOTV congregation members answered…

  • “I recently decided to join some of the volunteer groups at SOTV. What I discovered was a wonderful group of people who enjoy helping others and who develop deep friendships working together. What amazed me was how warm and welcoming they are to include new members into their groups. Being a part of this community has added new meaning and purpose into my life.”
  • “One of the things that I have seen in a new way is the problem of homelessness. We have been involved with providing meals to one of the shelter programs and have the opportunity to sit with clients enjoying dinner together. It has provided the opportunity for me to experience the personal stories of homelessness. For example, I sat with one man who is recently out of prison. He told me about the pride he has in his son who managed to stay out of trouble and is raising 3 kids in a stable environment. He told me how he was inspired by his son to get things in order to be a better grandpa. As a fellow grandparent, this touched me.”
  • “For me, I have seen my own thoughts in a new way. It’s an amazing gift God has given us to have the ability to be aware of our own thoughts to create space for more creative and innovative thought – through mindfulness. I have become more aware of thoughts that distract me from that which is important and has allowed me to see more good in the world – at home, at work, and around the world.”

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