2018 Emergency Shelter in Dakota County

We are working with Matrix Housing Services and others in our county to provide emergency temporary shelter from November 2018 through March 2019. The temporary shelter will rotate among secure locations, housing adults each night, and including breakfast and dinner, plus some emergency supplies.

We need your help! Please prayerfully consider how you might help.

Serve Dinner at the Shelter

Bring the meal you signed up for prepared and ready to serve. Arrive at the shelter at 6:00 pm, serve the meal at 7:00 pm, and clean-up afterward (until approx. 8:00 pm). Typically, some group members have time to eat dinner with shelter guests.

SOTV coordinated meal: Shepherd of the Valley coordinates groups to serve meals together. Sign-up to bring an item and serve it, bring your friends or make new friends while serving together! Families and children are encouraged to volunteer together.Sign-up to bring an item and serve. More dates will be coming!

Sign-up your own group to serve a meal: If you have enough friends and family members (about 6 people to serve and clean-up is sufficient) that you would like to sign-up to plan, purchase, and prepare a meal for 60 people on your own, there is a link below. Dinner groups will serve dinner at the shelter at 7:00 pm and clean up afterward. Breakfast groups will serve breakfast at the shelter at 7:00 am and clean up afterward. If your group wants to sign-up to serve breakfast or dinner, the coordinator should sign-up here.

Be a Shelter Aid in the Evening or Overnight

Evening Shelter Aids are at the shelter 5:30 -9:30 pm to help open the shelter, check-in guests, distribute supplies, visit with guests, and assist staff with cleaning and other duties. Early Morning Shelter Aids are at the shelter 5:30 – 8:00 am to help staff with setting out breakfast, waking guests, doing laundry and other cleaning, and closing the shelter. All Shelter Aids work alongside staff. We always have staff scheduled to work at the shelter so Shelter Aids are never working alone. All people interested in volunteering as a Shelter Aid must pass a background check and attend a volunteer training. You can sign up for shelter aid shifts after your scheduled volunteer training.

Sign-up for training
Sign-up for a Shelter Aid shift

Shelter Moves

Volunteers will pack up all shelter supplies and help move them to the next location. We will have a large truck available for each move. Volunteers are also encouraged to bring pickups, minivans, and SUVs if available. If you are interested in helping with the moves, sign-up here.

Donate Shelter Supplies

Donations are always needed at the shelter. View the list of needed donations here.

Laundry Squad

As you can imagine, the shelter has lots of linens, blankets, and towels to wash throughout the season. Volunteering can be as simple as picking up dirty laundry and returning it cleaned in a few days to the shelter. If you are interested in helping with laundry please sign-up here.

Offer Financial Support

It will cost $1300/day to operate the shelter. 

Click here to donate.Once on this webpage, please select “Emergency Shelter Initiat” in the “Give” “to” field.

To learn more:

·         Contact Lisa Hegerman at Shepherd of the Valley at 952.985.7329

·         Follow the Matrix Facebook page

·         Visit the Matrix website at www.matrixhousingservices.org

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