Faith Timing

By Arlen Wilson (2018)

If folks at my advanced age aren’t visiting about ailments and doctor appointments, they are talking about the amazing world of technology that leaves our minds in a whirlwind. We feel like we’ve been in a trailing cloud of dust as the world moved from the radio broadcasts of Fibber McGee and Molly, to black and white and then color television, the computer, and now to the present plethora of wireless handheld devices.

My wife and I are very pleased to have enjoyed some of the cutting-edge communication. We were into “face timing” on a regular schedule with a grandson at a university in another state. That meant we were able to not only talk with our grandson, but we could see him talking to us. It was amazing!

That new experience raised the question, “What next?” A daughter predicted that eventually we will probably be able to think and send messages to specific receptors via a thought processing chip implanted under our skin. That sounds unbelievable.

But wait! I’ve had the ability to effectively engage in communication without even the advantage of an implanted chip. I can use an inner voice that is actually a projection of my thoughts. Yes, I can think a thought and share it with one or all of three receptors – the Lord God, the Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

And just like most of our latest technology devices, there are multiple services available. For instance, you can enjoy the advantage of GPS (God’s Pathway Service). If you ask, God will show you the path to follow. It is all there in your heart-held device.

Faith Timing is amazing and it’s a pre-paid service!

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