2019 Forming Faith: It Takes a Village

Learn about nurturing faith with the children you love.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019 from 9:30 – 11:30 am
Cost: Free

Join Marilyn Sharpe – parent educator, faith former, author, and congregational coach – for a delicious continental breakfast, the gift of an engaging, practical book, and a lively presentation that will equip you to form faith in all of God’s children.


Whether you are a parent, prospective parent, grandparent, wise elder, baptismal sponsor, aunt or uncle, neighbor, member of a faith community, or simply an adult in the world, this is for you!


Forming faith in the next generation requires all of us to be present with children and share the good news God calls us to pass on to all of God’s children.


Discover that you already have all you need in order to do this important work to which God calls all of us.


You will learn the simple, daily, doable ways we can all share faith in the lives of children of every age.

It takes all of us to be the “village” for God’s children. We need you!

Event is sponsored by the Purposeful Retirement group.

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