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Where is God in our grief and loss?

Death and life are linked—we feel this reality everyday, and we especially acknowledge it on Halloween (October 31) and All Saints’ Day (November 1). Jesus promises eternal life, and assures us nothing can separate us from his love. Rituals, story-telling, and communal practices are a few ways that our faith brings comfort, hope, and helps us live with the messy mixture of love and loss.

Parents, use your own discretion when it comes to your kids. If content is rated for certain ages then we will indicate that. Enjoy!

Candle Time

Pause, light a candle, and take 15 minutes for caring conversation and prayer.

Share: What were your high and low points today?
Read: Matthew 5:4. “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”
Reflect: Talk about someone or something you have lost. What is something you really miss about that person or thing?
Pray: “God of life and life-beyond-death, thank you for being with us today and everyday. Help us to feel your presence in our joys and sorrows. Amen.”
Bless: Trace a cross on each other’s shoulder, hand, or head and say “[Name], you are a beloved child of God.”

For more conversation starters, try Daring Deep Discussions.
For more Bible texts, go to Suggested Scripture Readings.

Going Deeper

  • Create a Memory Table. To honor someone you love who has died, gather photos and favorites of this person and light candles.
  • Answer a child’s questions about death. Check out this helpful resource and remember, you’re not alone! Your SOTV Pastors and CYF Staff are available for support and prayer if your family is experiencing grief.
  • Watch the feature film Coco. After enjoying the movie, use these discussion questions to guide a family conversation!
  • Interview a Grandparent or Elder. Storytelling is one way to celebrate and honor the ones we love, living or dead. Take time to listen to stories that define your family or a past generation. Check out some sample questions.

Learn about All Saints’ Day!

Watch this Sesame Street video for Families:
When Families Grieve.

Enjoy this story, read aloud by Linda Nelson,
Shepherd of the Valley Preschool Director.

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