How Your Tanzania Scholarship Money Makes A Difference (2021)

Tanzania scholarships fund kids at the orphanage (described below), as well as help with school costs for kids from our partner parishes.

When Shepherd of the Valley members travel to Iringa, Tanzania to visit our partners, we always plan a visit (or two) to the Huruma Centre Children’s Home. Owned and operated by the Iringa Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, the Centre provides a safe and loving home for up to 60 children ages 17 and under.

While in primary school, children attend day schools near the Centre. These schools are government funded and take students to about age 13. Their daily routine includes after school household chores, homework, and playtime. The soccer field on the Centre’s campus is well used.

Secondary students attend boarding schools in the region at a cost of around $500 per student per year.

We recently received a letter thanking the people of Shepherd of the Valley for supporting scholarships for the children of Huruma Centre Children’s Home. In January, twenty-five children from the Centre began a new school year attending boarding schools owned and operated by the Iringa Diocese. Other students attend vocational apprenticeship programs and one student is enrolled in nursing school.

“Your gift of scholarship funding transforms the lives of these students. The support and nurture that they have received at the Huruma Centre continues through their education, which will yield a blessed future for all of them.”

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