Hurricane Harvey Relief Trip 2017

Five members of SOTV had a productive trip to Houston for a week in November 2017 to assist the Fuller Center in recovery after Hurricane Harvey. They worked on Carl and Connie’s house in League City, southeast of Houston. Although Carl is afflicted with MS, they provide care for their daughter and her three children.

Carl and Connie’s house was flooded about 4 feet, so everything below that level had been discarded. The SOTV group worked on restoring the sheet rock and refinishing three bedrooms, so the family could begin to get their lives back to normal. Despite being confined to a wheelchair, Carl was ever present to hand a tool, offer an encouraging word, and constantly express his appreciation.

In general, the SOTV group found that many houses were “coming back,” but outside help was not as evident as after some other storms in Mississippi and Louisiana. It is clear from their experience that much work remains for Carl, Connie, and many others. SOTV is currently evaluating how we might be helpful in assisting further recovery.

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