Introducing our Faith Community Nurses (FCN) 2020

Previously known as Parish Nurse, this ministry began at SOTV in 2005.

Pat Drake

Pat Drake has served as a FCN at SOTV since 2008. Before retiring, she worked for Fairview Home Care and Hospice as a Nursing Director in education and quality improvement. Her area of interest is grief and Hospice. Pat participates as a grief facilitator for Growing Thru Loss. In her spare time, she enjoys sailing, reading, traveling, and photography.

Susan Ferber

Susan Ferber has served as a FCN at SOTV on and off since 2005, with time off to facilitate confirmation classes and teach. Before working at SOTV, she taught nursing assistant training, assisted with nursing student clinicals, worked with a federally funded Alzheimer’s project, and served at Ebenezer and Andrew Residence. Her area of interests are mental health and geriatrics. In retirement, Susan’s spending time with family. 

Sharon Mertz

Sharon Mertz has been part of FCN since it began in 2005. After a hiatus of some years due to her husband’s illness and death, she has rejoined the FCN team as a non-licensed lay-health minister (due to her decision to not renew her Registered Nurse license). Before retiring, Sharon worked in Administration at Allina Health and at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Her experience includes many years working with mental health and chemical dependency.

Kathy Rovenko

Kathy Rovenko is the most recent addition to SOTV’s FCNs. For several years before Kathy retired, she had been looking forward to being a FCN. The hospital and community area she worked in for about 20 years as an RN was Behavioral Health, her main focus was working with alcoholics/addicts. She enjoys traveling, crocheting, and knitting.  

Becky Wilken

Becky Wilken served as a FCN intermittently since 2008. Becky is officially retired, but is working part-time for Hennepin County Mental Health Center and (remotely) for COVID isolation hotels for the homeless. Before retiring, Becky worked in Public health, ISD 196 schools, and started and owned a home care agency for seniors with her husband Bill. Areas of interest include: holistic health, mental health, and seniors. Becky loves singing in choirs, biking, kayaking, having adventures, and hanging out with family and friends.