Joyful Discipleship

Grades 4 - 5 Mini Camp

When & Where

Monday, June 24
8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Cost: $45 – financial support is available and can be selected when you register

What to Expect

Embracing God’s love to nurture the earth and nurture your soul. During this one day camp, we will dive into God’s message of love through faith filled and fun activities such as: crafts, games, and science projects in the morning. Then, after lunch, the camp will travel offsite to participate in service-focused activities on this fun field trip. Then the camp will return to SOTV for pick up.

Service Project Description
As part of our camp’s commitment to discipleship and environmental stewardship, we will be preparing a habitat for goats at Lebanon Hills. Campers will scatter and plant native seeds, setting the stage for the goats to help with land management through “trampling seeding”.

Although the goats will not be present during our project, our work is essential for creating a sustainable environment for them. This hands-on activity teaches campers about ecological stewardship and the importance of caring for God’s creation.

Join us in making a lasting impact on our local environment by preparing a new home for the goats at Lebanon Hills.

Day Breakdown
Morning: Lay-led worship service, craft, snack, science project, games and discussions
Lunch: Bring your own lunch
Afternoon: Travel to Lebanon Hills Visitor Center, 1-1.5 hours of Service, snack, group discussion, and travel back to SOTV

Shepherd of the Valley is committed to welcoming people of all abilities and working to understand and meet the needs of our congregation. If your child needs an accommodation, modification, or assistance to fully participate in this event, please indicate this in the “Health Concern Explanation” field of your registration, and your program leader will follow up if there are questions. We may not be able to meet all requests at this time.

We intend to take photos and/or video at this event, which may appear in worship, social media, website, or congregational communication without names listed. If you have a concern about this, please email Kelsey Young.

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