JUSTICE: “What Would Jesus Do?” (2018)

By Randy Brandt (2018)

Four and a half years ago, over 900 people at SOTV completed a detailed survey, allowing church leadership to listen closely to members’ needs. We learned that a major priority for our congregation is that our church makes a difference in our local community. We want SOTV to share God’s love in tangible ways that have a positive, life-giving effect in people’s lives.

Remember those WWJD bracelets that were popular a few years ago? They were reminders to those wearing them to ask, “What would Jesus do” in this situation? The answer: Jesus would likely do the loving action. And Jesus would invite us to share God’s love in tangible ways that have a positive, life-giving effect in people’s lives.

A dedicated group from our church has chosen to provide educational opportunities about issues of race and racial injustice, so that individuals can be empowered to be ministers of healing and reconciliation in our community. We know that the good news of Jesus Christ inspires us to love God and also our neighbor.

This fall brings the third year that various studies, speakers, movies, and cross-cultural events will be offered, including an in-depth Bible study next spring. Topics will again center on race, privilege, and honoring diversity as we seek to learn to better love our neighbors, just as Jesus did.

For example, on October 17, the monthly movie night will feature the animated movie, “Zootopia,” for SOTV members of all ages. This humorous, family-friendly movie offers a unique opportunity for all ages to discuss unconscious prejudice and racial bias, being empowered to choose to do the right thing.

Also watch for speakers and topics at the Sunday forum, community breakfast events, a weekend worship focus, the story wall during February’s Black History Month, and continued book study discussions. These are all opportunities to join in learning, opening our eyes and hearts in understanding others with compassion, and empowering us to live as ambassadors of Jesus’ love for all people.

If you would like to know when events are happening, watch the newsletter or join the “Racial Truth & Reconciliation Particpants” group in Realm. If you haven’t logged into Realm yet, visit our website at sotv.org/realm to request an invitation to join.

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